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DJ Tracey D


Award winning DJ, Tracey D has been spinning music since 1998. Her style includes a mix of disco, house, progressive, old skool and R&B for any occasion. She’s not content to merely mix records – her sets include sampling, re-edits and self-made remixes. She is a DJ known for pushing the limit and continually evolving.
Tracey D’s passion for music began at the age of six, when she first performed on the stage as a classically trained pianist and won every competition she entered. She’s honed that talent by making remixes and demos for several Vancouver artists and various songs for new media, commercials and film. Her ability to create a professionally polished piece of music for any type of project is what makes her the producer that she is today, she continually produces content that is exceptional quality and on budget.

In 2012, Tracey graduated from Langara Digital Film program, her first documentary “Girl ‘Spinnin” was screened at the World Community Film Festival. In that year, she worked on 6 short films in location sound, lighting design, post production sound and editing. Her editing skills were noticed and she was asked to produce a music video for recording artist Deborah Holland, the following year. Upon graduation, she got a job as a production assistant with a location production company, Real World Media. As a well rounded and creative multi media artist, Tracey D will always bring her passion to music and a love for film.

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