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Crema has been instrumental in creating the women’s party scene in Vancouver since the late 70’s. Her involvement in the community has helped create a stronger connection between organizations and individuals, from the developing interesting and unique fundraising events to kick ass dances at pride and throughout the year. Crema has been a prominent figure, not only in the women’s scene but the overall LGBTQ community. In 1984 Crema was voted Mr. Gay Vancouver for the first time, and subsequent to that she has been awarded the titles of Mr. Gay 15, Emperor 24, and Imperial Crown Prince of Canada. Her contributions have been invaluable to the growth and strength of our movement.

Ilena Lee Cramer has been creating interesting events in Vancouver since 1998. As a theatrical director, producer, designer and manager, she has created for Screaming Weenie theatre, Rumble, PuSh festival, Leaky Heaven Circus and many others. As an event coordinator and fundraiser she has worked with Crema (of course), Dogwood Monarchists, Art For Life and others.

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About Crema Productions

We produce parties that focus on Queer women and their allies in Vancouver. For the past 2 decades Crema has been organizing parties and events for the LGBTQ community. Our flagship event - that anchors all the others throughout the year - is the original Women’s Pride Boat Cruise HOT & WET. As always, all genders are welcome.
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