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DJ Skylar (aka Lisa DeLux)


Dedicated to the beat movement Sky has no borders when it comes to delivering the hype. Trekking from the beautiful mountains of British Columbia this beat bandit has made her sound heard on a global intercom. With her worldly music selection and innovative mixes Sky has brought every inner ear a dance rhythm and a floor sweep.

Inspired by underground rave parties she attended in the 90’s Delux picked up her first set of turntables when she was 15 years old. Since then, she has witnessed the evolution of DJing and electronic music for over a decade and brings in the elements of old school and new school to her DJ sets.

Influenced by Deep House, Bass music and Hiphop, this renegade mixtress has love for all genres in which she reveals through her original mashups and remixes. Skylar is a strong advocate on breaking barriers for queer DJs and has traveled all over North America headlining in major cities including Mexico City, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Honolulu, Atlanta, San Francisco and Oakland. Lisa shows her versatility through her imaginative style and sound in her live perfor mances and recorded DJ sets. Her mission is to take you on a musical journey of different beats, rhythms and sounds through the medium of freestyle mixing.

Currently one of Canada’s notorious queer DJs today, sky has been touring around Germany for the past few months spreading her contagious good energy and musical vibes.

“My current style is an influence of my past and evolution of future music. I spin freestyle sets. I read the crowd and bring them on a journey through multi­genre basslines, rhythms and flow.. I like to expand the crowd’s musical taste bringing in new sounds while mixing it up with something familiar to keep them connected.”

Skylar is also the founder of world known female androgyny website and blog





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